The Official DSA Complete Theory Test Kit – 2013 (PC/Mac)

September 1, 2014 - Comment
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Charlotte Jackson says:

Official DSA Complete Theory Test Kit 0

Carol Schuett says:

NOT compatible with Windows 8 as stated 0

vn82 "vn82" says:

Did the job and had helpful additions I just wanted something to quickly get through the theory test, this was perfect because it gave you all the information you needed and the large bank of questions to try and learn from. The best parts:- links to the online official highway code website next to most of the points it made, you don’t need them much because it’s comprehensive but it helps- hazard perception is just a matter of practice and this gives you some practice clips and a review of them afterwards to tell you what you should have picked out. Very similar to the real thing and even though I skipped it, the dvd tells you, comprehensively, what a hazard is, how to identify one etc. Above and beyond what is really needed but that means it’s fool-proof- marks your practice answers for tests, quick tests and mocks, if I’d got a book I’d have to do that myself to add to the dullness of learning driving theory so I saved so much time.- shows percentage of topics studied and practiced…

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